Thanksgiving Dinner at Source in SF (Thursday and Friday!)  »

So many vegan Thanksgiving dinners, so little room in your stomach! Right? Or, so many vegan Thanksgiving dinners, but OMG you have plans with the family! The friends! Don’t worry, Source in SF has you covered. Not only are they serving a phenomenal Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, they’re serving it Friday, as well! You are so stoked, I can tell.

The ENTIRELY VEGAN menu includes:
     Choice of butternut squash soup or green salad
     ‘Gobble’ with ‘giblets’ gravy
     Homemade cranberry sauce
     Savory mushroom stuffing
     Creamed spinach
     Candied yams (with Dandies marshmallows!)
     Choice of living pumpkin spice cheesecake or pumpkin spice snowball with orange-pumpkin-cinnamon frosting.

All of this, for a steal, at $19.95 a person. They’re accepting in house reservations, walk-ins, and phone-orders. You probably want to come eat there, because for real - sexiest staff in San Francisco.

Say hi to the baker! She’s been working really hard on making these desserts the best ever! 

Wait, are you still allowed to buy food on black Friday? It’s doesn’t count as consumerism if it’s vegan, right? I kid, I kid. But really, come for the desserts.

Call Source at 415 864 9000 for more details.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Jenny Bradley is the baker at Source (see above note about her being the baker at Source!) and she provided this inside scoop on their thanksgiving!  If you’re looking for other Thanksgiving options in the S.F. Bay Area, check out Meave’s post on that.

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