You can still get Source’s Thanksgiving dinner today. LOOK AT IT! Plus, mention Vegansaurus and get a FREE DESSERT.  »

The delightful quarrygirl sent us photos of her Thanksgiving feast at Source and two things: 1) she said it was AMAZING (yes!) and 2) that’s enough to get us over the bridge and into its delicious arms today. Yes, they are also offering this insane Thanksgiving feast all day today! Ow! And if you mention Vegansaurus, you get a FREE DESSERT! Don’t say we never did anything for you!

Here’s what she ate:

side salad
cup of squash soup
gobble with gravy
savory mushroom stuffing
fresh cranberry sauce
baked yams with marshmallow (dandies!) topping
creamed spinach
pumpkin cheesecake

Here are her extremely motivating photos:

and (bonus!), the most outrageous collection of hot sauces she’s ever seen!

Get over there! And don’t forget to mention us so you can get your free pumpkin spice snowball or live pumpkin cheesecake ON. I’m sorry I keep saying “get your BLANK on!” I think I ate so much yesterday that I lost brain cells, only explanation. I can’t stop! God bless the holidays! Especially when you get to choose exactly what you want to eat!

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