For veggie Foursquare addicts: the Herbivore badge!  »

Erin from Foursquare informed us that they now have an Herbivore badge for cool veggie Foursquare users like us! Or like me, at least! Yes, I’m a Foursquare lover. But I don’t check in EVERYWHERE, just at places I like or am proud to be. So YOU KNOW I always check in at veggie restaurants! Now I can’t wait to unlock this badge! It’s not a pink T. rex but it’s still a dino!

Erin says she is the only vegan at Foursquare, so we need to represent: “I want to see more users unlock this badge than the fried chicken, diner, and bbq badges—combined!” We can do it!

And keep an eye out; we are going to make a Vegansaurus Foursquare tips page. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

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