Half Off at Ananada Fuara & The Front Porch!  »

Two Vegansaurus favorites, Ananda Fuara and The Front Porch are having mega deal group coupons today!

First, Groupon has $14 worth of Ananada Fuara goodness for only $7! And you can buy up to three! That’s a lot of nut loaf!

Next, SF Gate Deals has a coupon for $10 for $20 worth of eats and drinks at The Front Porch!┬áIf you’ve never had their french fries or the vegan plate or one of their amazing cocktails made with Lillet and Bundaberg Ginger Beer OR OMG THEIR SANGRIA, NOW IS THE TIME!

You gotta buy these today because they will be gone tomorrow and you’ll be very sad. I bought the max on both (3) and so if you’re eating at either soon, holler at this attractive face!

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