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Your Vegansaurus has an especial fondness for rabbits, Nibbler naturally being the A-number-one best bunny, but certainly not the only leporid we love.

Potentially Nervous is the home of buns Bells, Nuage, and Fats, and their caretaker “Alice.” Bells and Nuage are best pals, and Fats is a man on his own. Their blog comprises mostly pictures, with captions that create a charming narrative. High-quality photos of adorable rabbits would be irresistible anyway, but Alice’s captions make the blog appealing to those of us who want to do more than dissolve into a pile of mush looking at cutie-pie bunnies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that, you know, sometimes a person wants more than Cute Overload-speak.

To be honest, Fats has become my favorite bun—maybe because Nibbler is also a lone rabbit; maybe because his antics are the best documented: Look at that bunny go!

Now we come to the crux of the matter: poor Fats is ailing, and Alice needs your help. A wound from a recent injury has, instead of healing, gotten worse and worse, and Fats’ vet care has become very expensive. Ms. Alice, not a person of great wealth, does not have the means to keep her rabbits in food and keep up with the medical treatments Fats needs. In such a situation, what is a bunny caretaker to do?

Please note, Vegansaurus does ask readers for money; however, Alice’s story is so painfully sad, it seemed heartless not to make you aware of it. Maybe you can help a bunny out? A bag of pellets costs around $13; that is not, generally speaking, an exorbitant amount to give. Of course, that’s your decision, and Vegansaurus is not demanding that you donate. Just look at your bank account, then look at this face, and make up your mind.

Vegansaurus loves you, Fats.

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