Another carriage horse collapsed in New York City. The text that accompanies the youtube vid:

On December 4th 2011 a NYC carriage horse collapsed on 59th Street and Central Park South. The horses had been working very hard today as the drivers were trying to extract as much money from them as possible. This is their busiest season and the care of the horses must take a back seat to profits. We saw horses foaming at the mouth, stumbling horses and finally this poor horse collapsed most likely due to exhaustion. We can only hope he was returned to his stable and will receive a proper veterinary examination. His carriage was 1102.

Pretty disturbing. Last month I wrote about another horse that collapsed and you can read the background on this story there. NY-Class is asking that you call a New York council member and urge them to support intro 86:

Gale A. Brewer — (212) 873-0282
Margaret Chin — (212) 587-3159

Lewis A. Fidler — (212) 788-7286
Brad Lander — (718) 499-1090
Jumaane D. Williams — (718) 629-2900

Joel Rivera — (718) 842-8100

Elizabeth Crowley — (718) 366-3900
Peter F. Vallone, Jr. — (718) 274-4500
Jimmy Van Bramer — (718) 383-9566
Mark Weprin — (718) 468-0137

Deborah Rose — (718) 556-7370

They have more info and a suggested script on their site

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