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New(-ish?) Animal Rights group, LGBT Compassion, has set up (an awesome) shop in San Francisco! YES! Another AR group in town! But really, I’m not surprised; when you’re gay (and gay-friendly) and love animals, where the fuck else you gonna go? God I love this city so much.

From their site:
We are a coalition of San Francisco Bay Area gay animal advocates (and some non-gay friends)  working to promote awareness of animal welfare, health, environmental, and civil rights issues within our community — along with any other important social issues that we feel strongly about.

We feel that the LGBT community, having experienced discrimination, oppression and suffering ourselves, having special health issues, and often having unique bonds with companion animals, should be open to learning and helping others who may not be able to speak up for themselves — whether human or non-human.

The movements seem like natural allies to me, so I’m in! Where do I sign up!? My only issue is the name. To me it seems obvious to call the group, “I’m hella gay for animals!” How great is that!? Or what about, “We’re all rainbows and puppy dogs over here, wtf you got!?” OR simply, “Rainbows & Puppies.” Oh, I really like that. I mean, “LGBT Compassion” is all professional-sounding and shit but we need to SELL THIS. ABC, gentlemen! They need some tough lesbian Anne Kronenberg-style action up in the group. Call me, boys!

There is also an excellent interview with adorably awesome founder Andrew Zollman over at Striking at the Roots.

Finally: Yes, I am available for hire as a Master of Photoshop. I start at $400/hour plus vegan donuts. I also need my own driver and a driver for my dog. Hit me up!

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