Zachary’s Pizza is offering VEGAN PIZZA! Oh, hell yes!  »

Just got an email from the AWESOME Leandra at Zachary’s and she says this re: their new vegan pizza (!!!!):

I am following up with our email conversation WAY back in August 2010 to let you know we are now offering a vegan pizza. Our WHEAT stuffed and thin crusts are now vegan, and we offer Daiya mozz-style vegan cheese. The changes are not yet updated on our website, but should soon. I wanted to let you be one of the first to know! Thank you for reaching out to us.

You guys! This is such awesome, huge news! And how cute and great and smart and funny is Leandra!? Zachary’s, I’m coming home.

Eating at Zachary’s is the first experience with Chicago-style deep-dish pizza that pretty much anyone who grew up in the S.F. Bay Area had. Because of that, it’s always held a huge slice (ha!) of my fatty, vegan-pizza-loving heart! And I remember it tasting SO DAMN GOOD. Oh! Once, I even saw Blossom eating there! BLOSSOM! I am telling you, so many memories, so much deliciousness. This is a historic day, indeed!

Let us all take a moment to reflect on the fact that just a few years ago, the only option for vegan pizza in the Bay Area was NO OPTION. Now, we’ve got millions! Or at least five. We’ve come a long way, baby. I hope everyone, not just vegans, give this Zachary’s vegan pizza a shot because it’s sure to be hella tasty and also not filled with cholesterol and milkfat. Seriously, join us on the vegan side! We’ve got pizza! And it won’t kill you!

Let’s all go and support them and then maybe, JUST MAYBE, we’ll have enough vegan pizzas in the Bay Area to have a VEGAN PIZZA TASTE-OFF. WTF, life is awesome. Thank you, Zachary’s!!

Oh, maybe one day they’ll try a Teese-and-Daiya mix on the pizzas? Because that’s my favorite. BUT I’M NOT PICKY! (lie.) Just putting it out there, spit-balling with the universe, seeing what could happen. Until then, I will eat this Daiya-riffic pie with abandon!

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