Enter Tofurky’s design contest! Win cash, prizes, and donations!  »

Hello fancy artists, regular artists, and artistic types! Tofurky wants to make a new t-shirt, and they want you to design their new t-shirt. Which is good, because have you seen their current shirts? Not as hot as ours, golly. They need help!

If you win, you’ll get fabulous prizes, including $200 cash, a $100 donation in your name to the animal/environmental nonprofit of your choice, “two merchandise items (style to be determined) featuring your design,” and a total of 42 “VIP coupons” for Tofurky products. Plus fame!

To enter, visit the site, read the rules, fill out the form [pdf], and submit your design by midnight on Dec. 31.

Now get cracking! You’ve only got a little over three weeks to thrill Tofurky with your genius!

Here’s Laura’s stab at it. Double genius!

Hmm… perhaps the Tofurky should be further down? And spelled correctly? Actually, the whole thing is terrible, you can do much better. Fly, little tofurkies, fly!

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