Oakland! Please take this adorable, affectionate cat off the streets and into your heart!  »

There’s this amazing homeless cat in Oakland who needs a foster or forever home stat. Please read her story below and if you (or anyone you know! Pass it on!) can help, please email Shani. Thanks!

When I moved to Oakland in August there were about 20 stray and feral cats who are thankfully all fixed now. I began feeding them but one in particular caught my eye. She was so beautiful but fearful of me. She would stay on my porch all day sunbathing. The other cats are not nice to her. Slowly I was able to gain her trust. She would allow quick pets but the “love looks” she would constantly give me showed that she was starving for affection. She had a runny nose that slowly got worse. Two weeks ago I was able to trap her and take her to the vet. She is now in a foster home, recovering, and completely changed since being in an inside environment. She purrs loudly, is INCREDIBLY sweet, loves affection, and even rolls on her back for belly rubs. She is very neat with her litter box and a great eater.

If she is forced back outside in the cold, her runny nose will likely come back. She is between five and eight years old and was clearly abandoned by someone years ago. She’s also spayed. She needs a foster home or more importantly, a forever home.

United for Animals is offering to pay for her first vet visit and a month’s worth of food and litter.

Please, please save her from a miserable life on the streets of Oakland, email Shani today!

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