Threadbared: cement is the new nacre  »

You read Threadbared, right? It’s so smart! It makes me feel like I’m always learning something about, and also am really bad at dressing myself, which is fair; those ladies are creative and brilliant.

Today, they found the cleverest not-pearl jewelry since Kaisli Kiuru for Regensi: these cement “pearl” earrings by Metsa Design. Each little not-pearl is hand-cast! And, best part, the color changes with wear, as the porous concrete absorbs who know what when you expose it to the elements, as well as “the oils from your skin.” Wait, consider it; that is actually way more interesting than gross, and kind of a genius thing to have taken into account when making these earrings. Metsa Design is in Toronto, and does take orders from the U.S.—should anyone be interested in wearing these chic little baubles.

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