Product Review: Joseph Banks Cassava Chips!  »

Joseph Banks Cassava Chips are the best chips I’ve ever had in my life. This week. They’re now available at all Northern California Whole Foods and in a few other places around the United States. Get the Roasted Tomato flavor even if you don’t like roasted or tomato things. It is eating savory smoky deliciousness perfection in a chip. Plus, cassava chips are (way?) better for you than potato chips so go ahead and eat the whole bag. You know you want to, fatty.

If you’re even more bored than usual with the internet, you can read the story of Joseph Banks on the site. However, if there is ANYTHING else you can do, do that instead. I’m talking cleaning your dog’s teeth or staring at the wall. Try masturbating! What do you have to lose! Besides your vision!

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