Rau Om’s mind-blowing new vegan cheese; you must try!  »

I just tried this Tofu Misozuke cheese from Rau Om spread on some whole grain crackers and it was SO DAMN GOOD.

Well, not that exactly. What had happened was, when it first arrived, I greedily ripped open the packaging, cut off an enormous chunk, and stuffed it straight in my maw. Then, I spit it out because it was DAMN POTENT. I then read the accompanying information and saw that it was supposed to be eaten like CHEESE. My bad!

Finally I came correct with some crackers and it blew my mind one more time. Creamy, pungent, expensive-tasting, “real” cheese. Like, you could serve this to omni guests and they would eagerly wish to learn more about it, and you would be like, “NOT UNTIL YOU GO VEGAN, OK?” and then they would go vegan and BAM! Look at you and your activism, all saving the world and shit via delicious vegan cheese. 

If you want to try this stuff inside the United States, you have two options: You can order from maker Rau Om’s online store; or, find them at Sunnyvale and Palo Alto farmers marketsAlso, if you have a minute, read this article to learn tons about this kind of cheese, so that you know more about things than everyone else, and can make other people feel stupid when you talk about it. Like, who doesn’t know about tofu misozuke!? Philistines!! 

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