Climate Change 2.0: Chomped if we want it!

This new video from the Chomping Climate Change website is a work in progress, aimed at kids. It explains how what we eat can impact the future of the environment.

The video explains very simply that the old model of environmental reform, calling for us to replace all fossil fuels with renewable energy, is tired, expensive, and not happening any time soon. If we shift the focus to what we eat, we can have a major impact in a relatively short amount of time. Basically, your energy-saving lightbulb is really super-duper, but if you want to make real change, put down the patty melt!

This video is based on the 2009 report Livestock and Climate Change by Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang that we discussed Friday. The paper discusses the importance of getting the message of this new model for change out to young people, because they are the future, adoy! And even better, they are not old and grumpy and set in their ways like the rest of us. Don’t get mad, you know you’re grumpy! Or get mad, I know it’s hard to contain at your age. 

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