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Vegansaurus is having a slow day. To elaborate, a slow and angry day. Thusly do I present to you Vegansaurus’ inaugural Upsetting Corner: more constructive than screaming into a pillow, less therapeutic than punching someone in the face.

Upsetting Topic dem Tag: Designer impostors and animal skins
The uproar about counterfeit designer goods greatly offends me. OF COURSE I want to eliminate sweatshops; child labor, slave labor, and child slave labor are horrifying; no one should have to unknowingly fund terrorist groups. These are consequences of the market for cheap “designer” clothes and accessories, and if not buying fakes eliminates them, then don’t buy fakes. It’s so easy to agree with all of this, it’s hardly a story. In fact, Daily News, a much smarter book that addresses the subject already exists, so what are you contributing to the counterfeit designer canon besides a fuzzy graphic? Shoddy “news” articles offend me.

Pertinently, what offends me is the total ignorance of the consequences of legitimate clothing and accessory production on animals. Remember the Herm├Ęs crocodile farm? Snake skins are obtained by nailing the snake to a tree, skinning it, and leaving it to die, because HA HA it’s alive during the process. Forcing orphans to sew tiny stitches into fake-leather bags for 14 hours a day is awful. Skinning snakes alive is awful. But they are ONLY ANIMALS so WHO CARES? Plus they’re mean, scary animals, nobody likes gigantic people-eating (only not really) boa constrictors or pythons, might as well make use of them somehow.

Things we know: people will commit monstrous, inhuman acts against other creatures: they enslave the weak; torture and kill for food and for vanity; and when challenged, argue forever to continue such behavior. That is the system, and it’s been in place forever, and how do you help its victims? You pick something easy to fight, is how; that’s when we get not only precious articles like last week’s from the Daily News, but even more precious blog entries decrying terrible fake-designer shoes. They are so disgusting, that stench of not-leather and terrorism never comes off. Does anyone discuss the impact of the legitimate shoe industry? NO WAY. Challenging this system in a meaningful way is way too hard, especially compared to looking at fancy shoes, they are so so pretty. Any meat-abstainers still tempted by leather are advised to listen to this episode of Vegetarian Food for Thought. The facts about leather production are fucking brutal; learn them, and share with friends!

I do not advocate buying designer-impostor goods. Knock-offs, vegan knock-offs, certainly, but nothing that claims to be the product of a design house when it clearly isn’t. All I ask—and I know this is too much, which is another reason to feel extremely upset today—is that when the fashion world clutches its collective pearls in horror at the awful reality of counterfeit haute couture, it acknowledges the awful reality of all the animals who suffer and die for honest fashion. Famous people don’t care about them: they just wear them.

This has been Vegansaurus’ Upsetting Corner.

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