Hip-hop royalty went vegan. My heart exploded.  »

They are the cutest! The CUTEST!

Were you aware that Lady B has gone vegan* during her pregnancy?! I was not. What kind of vegan celebrity correspondent am I? I will never forgive myself for letting us all down this way.

For the last few months of her pregnancy, Jay-Z has also adopted a vegan eating style! This is fantastic news! Sympathy eating FTW! I’m hoping they keep up with this new lifestyle, after the baby is born.

Yo, Beyoncé! I will help you come out with a line of healthy vegan baby food! Or be your personal chef—whatever you want!

*UPDATE: We are reading that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have only gone “partially vegan!” So please take note. I think it’s still pretty great though because she’s basically telling the world she thinks going vegan is better for babies, when everyone else is like, “it will kill the fetus!” AND maybe her and Jay-Z will feel so super that they will want to go fully vegan! Maybe if we are all positive about it, it will help! Negative nancies. Laura adds this note for Beyoncé: "while you’re at it, ditch the fur, goddammit! We want you to be our vegan goddess!" Agreed. -Megan Rascal

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