“ Do You Love Animals? Do You Have Lady Bits? Take Off Your Clothes! „

How cute. This time, the two ladies are wearing lettuce-styled bras and undies sets and Playboy Bunny necklaces (because these vegan role models are also Playmates!) while they distribute vegan hot dogs. Also, they have similar hair and body types, so not only are they two hot chicks in matching underwear, they are implied twin hot chicks in matching underwear. When I think “vegan,” I definitely think “incest fantasy.” You too?

Always with the nearly nude women, PETA. Why? The two dudes accompanying these lettuce ladies here are wearing black t-shirts and jeans. They couldn’t all be wearing gross-out lettuce-fetish lingerie? Or maybe everyone could have just worn PETA-logo clothes, like human beings who are worth more than their depersonalized body parts?

No one at our vegan bake sales last month was naked, and we were very successful. PR stunts like this one are tawdry, cheap, exploitative and embarrassing, PETA, and it is time to do something else, already.

[via Sociological Images]

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