Paul Shapiro on food scandals, the EU battery-cage ban, and celebrities! Now with alternate Spanish version!  »

It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yes!

The Huffington Post listed its top 13 food scandals of 2011, with HSUS’s exposé of Smithfield Foods ranking #1! Check out the full list. (And for my Spanish-speaking amigos, puede leer mi articulo sobre los puercos en Que Pasa Mi Gente!)

If you’d like to see a nice BBC story about former battery hens (“ex-bats”!) getting a second chance at life, here’s your chance.

Speaking of the EU, here’s an interesting article about member nations facing legal action over not complying with the upcoming historic EU ban on barren battery cages (it was passed in 1999 and takes full effect Jan 1).

Finally, check out this CNN piece about celebrities working with Mercy For Animals to combat abuse of laying hens.

Video of the week: Is there anything more popular than a dog and pig wrestling?

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