Top 10 links of the week!: A sleigh ride through the winter wonderland of veganism!  »

[This silly cat vid was sent in by reader LC! Thanks, pal!]

Once again I have slept on links of the week so this collection spans a few weeks. Enjoy!

The Vegan Feminist Agitator has a love story for you!: I Killed Kale

From SuperVegan: Japan admits using tsunami disaster relief money to fund military actions against unarmed vegans. Holy. Crap. 

We have a new vegan among us! Teri S. from Status Vegan! AND she would like our help! Do you have a really great recipe you want to share with her? I know you do! Head over to her blog and share it with her. Build the community!

From Grist: Happy Feet 2 is for communist vegetarians! So. True. 

Was da Vinci an animal rights activist? God I hope so! The Guardian has the story.

Vegansaurus fave Jerry James Stone has a new blog on Animal Planet filled with pretty animal pictures! He’s also promised us a vegan wine post on his Treehugger Green Wine Guide so I’ll be sure to tell you guys when that’s out!

This link comes from my cousin Heather: A same-sex penguin couple in China has a new baby! Ah, babies. They are so in right now.

We have a Pinterest account! What up!

Our Hen House has a new Art of the Animal video! Check it out!

The Farm Sanctuary has two new babies! And they need your help! And they are cute!

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