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Another delightful juxtaposition of pictures from Sociological Images, today two guides: the first, the qualities constituting the best body of the contestants in the 1959 Miss Universe pageant; the second, those qualities constituting the best-quality steers in the Kansas State University 4-H club.


The text from the guide, as quoted from SI: “ALL FIGURED OUT–-This chart is used by judges as [a] guide in picking Miss Universe. First six show figure flaws, seventh is perfectly proportioned. (1) Shoulders too square. (2) Shoulders too sloping. (3) Hips too wide. (4) Shoulder bones too pronounced. (5) Shoulders and back hunched. (6) Legs irregular, with spaces at calves, knees, thighs. (7) The form divine, needs only a beautiful face.”

Next, diagrams of two steers with different types of hideous figure flaws—deformities, really.

Finally, the steer form divine:

Isn’t he lovely? Bones not too pronounced, brisket not too deep; certainly the most lovely assemblage of parts that I’ve ever seen; needs only a beautiful sauce.

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