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Go here. Get the VEGAN PULLED PORK SANDWICH and a side of TATER TOTS. Kill yourself as life will never, ever be this amazing ever again even if you were having sex with Gael Garcia Bernal on a bed of $100 bills while walking on the moon with Michael Jackson whilst doing the moonwalk YOU FEEL ME?

Rico’s Diner has a small but potent vegan menu (including tofu scrambles and whatnot but EFF THAT YOU CAME TO PARTY*) that totally makes it worth a trip to Oakland. It’s super close the the 12th st. Bart and you can stop by The Breakroom Cafe after for a Pumpkin Roll or seven. Every time I type anything with the word “roll” in it, I immediately break into, “Let me see your tootsie roll” in my head. I’m not even sure that’s how the song goes…is it? Is it, “Let me see that tootsie roll”? Who cares, hilarious either way and screw you(x)1 million if you tell me to google it YOU ARE MY GOOGLE.

Closed on Sunday and only open until 3 p.m. on weekdays so keep that in mind and don’t go over specifically with the idea of having dinner and then get all super sad and shit.

*PARTY = eat a vegan pulled pork sandwich.

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