Sushi Bistro opens second location in the Mission!  »

Sushi Bistro opens a second outpost tomorrow (July 23) at 24th Street and York Avenue and looks to have some decent vegan sushi offerings. Obvs you’ll be seeing our fat asses in line tomorrow night.

Here’s the entire veggie section of their menu, (almost entirely) copy-and-pasted because it all looks so g-d delicious:

Crunchy veggie roll
Lightly deep-fried vegetables with crunchy tempura batter outside, drizzled with sweet sauce.
Tuscan roll
Avocado and Tuscan dried tomato wrapped in a seaweed, flash-fried and served with spicy sauce.
Shiitake veggie roll

Grilled vegetables, topped with shiitake mushroom and house sauce.
Fortune roll

Avocado with crunchy outside drizzled with sweet soy.
Asparacado roll
Avocado and asparagus, served with ponzu sauce and garlic onion aioli.
In the sun

Avocado, cucumber and mango wrapped in soy paper topped with thin-sliced tomato.
Classic veggie

Cucumber, mixed greens, avocado and salad dressing.
Avocado and/or Cucumber

Shiitake mushroom nigiri

We were lamely scooped on vegan happenings in the Mission (Mission) AGAIN. I’m ashamed/lazy. Ugh.

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