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Recession hasn’t got me down! Sometimes cheap ingredients = decadent dishes.

Here’s a delicious recipe that takes advantage of all the ripe mangoes overflowing at our local produce stands. And guess what: (almost) NO COOKING and also VEGAN. SURPRISE!

5 to 6 large ripe mangoes
3 vegan gelatin packets (what’s the equivalent for agar agar?)
1.5 c boiling water
1c sugar (if mangoes are really ripe, i’d go for 3/4c)
2 cans coconut milk (I use 1 lowfat and 1 regular, but you can choose accordingly)

1. Spoon flesh from each cheek of mango and around the pit; pop in blender and puree until smooth. For velvety pudding, you might want to force through a strainer.

2. Heat water in pot to rolling boil. Remove from heat. Sprinkle agar agar, whisk continuously to prevent lumps. Add sugar and mix until dissolved.

3. Add coconut milk to this mixture and blend. Add mango puree and blend thoroughly.

4. Pour into containers/ ramekins and chill in refrigerator until set (at least two hours).

Serving size: a gangload, in other words approximately two quarts (e.g., two of those large containers at Bi-Rite’s deli). Recipe can easily be halved.

Thanks be to California’s Central Valley. Mango pudding, love of my life.

This delicious recipe comes to us from the brilliant mind of Fancy Nancy. She is the very best and a clearly a creative genius in many departments. Vegansaurus would like to thank her for this recipe and also take a bath in it. The most delicious bath.

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