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Because we love ourselves more than anything and we don’t want you to miss out on all the amazing shit that happened on the site, we’ve curated a list of our favorite posts. SO FUN! ish!

If we’d had more time, we woulda done this for the whole internet but we’re not made of time, we’re made of cinnamon rolls, poorness, and broken dreams. SORRY!

First up: MEGAN RASCAL! I love this girl. Seriously, I’d give her a lung or my heart or a foot because she is the reason Vegansaurus currently exists and is everything wonderful. Yay, Megan Rascal!

Mother Jones loves sustainability, except when there’s delicious, fancy food involved! by Laura
I love this because I hate the sustainable meat hawkers and I love when Laura tells Mother Jones they are from planet 1970s Hippie Socialist.
An open letter to Sheri Appleby by Mark
This is great because Mark is THE MOST FUNNIEST and he references Roswell and Melissa Joan Hart. Also, I can’t believe that chick’s views on men and veganism!
Book review: The Vampire and the Vegan, Book 1: Food by Jenny
I love this because Jenny is hilar and does the best strike-through jokes. Plus, I think the blending of vampires and vegans is how we’re going to take over the world. 

Second: MARK! Mark is probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. Also, he’s hella smart and mean, but not in a bad way. His heart is filled with so much love, sometimes it’s like it’s just explodes in your face in the form of a fist. Delightful.

This is the best thing I’ve written all year, which is somewhat disheartening because this year I also wrote my master’s paper. The latter took two semesters, was a requirement for graduation and was “accidentally” lost to the academic world forever. When people ask me what I wrote it on, I mumble quietly and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible and never speak to the person again. However, when someone asks me if I’ve ever written a highly criticized open letter to a minor tv celebrity who is facing a fall into oblivion and who, as commenters rightly pointed out, doesn’t really warrant the anger I directed towards her, I happily direct them to this post!

Just link to everything I did. That is everyone’s favorite post.

Next, Miss Jenny Bradley! Not only is she super funny, adorable, and correctly obsessed with celebrities, she’s also a dessert baking maniac and I’d pretty much kill a man for her live pumpkin cheesecake. 

I really like this post by Megan cause she went to her lil’ sis for advice, which I thought was adorable. And I loved Megan’s commentary on each shoe! So funny! Especially the part about any heel over 2 inches was irresponsible due to the amount of whiskey she drinks.
This Natalie Portman post because of the part about cleft-palate babies. Hahahaha. I had JUST read that article in Vogue. Plus I love celebrities! When I do my celeb posts, I try to channel Laura instead of an US Weekly writer, but….let’s just say I’m still working on it. 
Sarah’s account of the ginger seal, as we got a glimpse into her mind and thus her love of all things ginger (except her own hair, when dyed!). I am so jealous the ruddy colored seal is following her on twitter and not me. Sarah is hilarious! 

And next, ME! I’m great!

Rachel’s Cafe Gratitude Bereavement plan because WTF are we all gonna do when it’s gone? Plus, it made me laugh.
Sarah’s brown sugar bacon buttermilk waffles HOLY FUCK
Meave’s Ecoturre shoe post because I really love whenever Meave writes about shoes because she is hilarious and passionate and I also love whenever she talks about rules about anything, especially every day behavior, because it’s so funny and spot on. 
Megan’s meat week post is probably my most favorite Vegansaurus post of all time. IT’S SO GOOD! and right! 

Now, it’s Sarah M. Smart time! She’s super great! And funny! And smart! We like her a lot, a lot.

top 8 vegan foods we’re sick of seeing on omni menus, because yours truly wrote it and also because it really seemed to strike a chord heretofore unseen in our audience, sparking a more-lists resolution. 
jenny’s las vegas redux! it’s good to know that you can party like a rock star AND be vegan. plus i’m going there in 2012 and will refer to this post often! 

Meave belatedly wants to express her love of

Megan Rascal’s Meatless Monday Unicorn! I love that mean jerk. Megan Rascal really is the funniest.

This wasn’t officially part of Vegansaurus, but I feel like Laura’s Week in Vegan was like Vegansaurus outreach to the masses/readers of SFoodie, and it’s like Laura distilled, which can be intense, but is always awesome.

I have a crippling sinus headache and am extremely tired.

Rachel might be adding hers soon but I wanted to get this up and thank you all for reading and we love you all very much, even when you look ugly and you’re mean to us, we still want to do you. That’s love. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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