New Year’s Resolutions for vegans, part 2! What are yours?  »

That’s from my story at The Bold Italic about New Year’s Resolutions for different San Francisco characters, what are some other amazing New Year’s resolutions for vegans?

First, my turn! I’ve got more!

- Make out with Isa Chandra Moskowitz and/or Terry Hope Romero
- Veganize the turducken
- Be the person who finally converts Mark Bittman to complete veganism (you will get laid a lot with these bragging rights!)
- Get your vegan croquet club fully funded via Kickstarter
- Do not adopt another dog and/or cat and/or bunny and/or rat and/or etc.
- Purchase no more than 15 vegan cookbooks
- Build another house for when you adopt more animals and buy more vegan cookbooks

I’m not fully on my game this morning and I know there’s a million more! What are they?? Let us know in the comments and then let’s make the ultimate list and then we’ll print it out, laminate it, post it to our fridge (where we spend the most time ‘cause we’re vegan), and CONQUER IN 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Please note, this is called part 2 because the lovely Samantha Cohen wrote a legit list for us a couple years ago. Question B: ARE YOU MAKING ANY OF THIS SHIZ HAPPEN? 

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