Wolves help trees rebound in Yellowstone, aren’t evil  »

From L.A. Times: “This photo published on the Wildlife News blog shows a U.S. Wildlife Services plane adorned with 58 paw-print decals, one for each wolf killed from the aircraft. (Wildlife News)”

As Idaho considers letting loose aerial sharp-shooters on its wolf population, Yellowstone see the benefits of protecting these animals. A study from Oregon State University says that with the return of wolves, the elk population has been reduced, allowing tree populations to recover. This isn’t just good for trees, it also provides homes for birds and food for beavers. 

What am I always telling you? You can’t just remove an apex predator and expect everything to be hunky dory! Meanwhile, all these hunters are super excited to kill wolves. Wolves have barely recovered from near extinction! It’s madness. 

While we think about how terrible people are, let’s watch my favorite wolf video ever: wolf pup learns to howl!

[Can’t see the video? Watch on!]

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