Design the next Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale shirt!  »

The very first WWVBS shirt, designed by Herbivore, sold out ages ago (because they’re so so cute), and the organizers want to print a new one. Of course they do, shirts are the best.

This time, they’re holding a contest for the new design, and you should enter! We know you’re all right-brained, left-handed creative geniuses, so put those brains to work! The contest ends on Feb. 19, giving you a little over five weeks to come up with a brilliant shirt encompassing the ideals of the WWVBS and veganism and also being super-adorable and wearable and you know what, get the details on the site. They have specific guidelines, including the design needing to look good on the organic cotton tees, which look like this:

Good luck, geniuses! I am 100 percent positive you can do better than this!

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