Jeff Mangum is VEGAN!? And he’s on TOUR!? Get a rope!  »

You know, so we can all tie him up and marry him. The genius man-boy behind every hip-and-cool person’s favorite band Neutral Milk Hotel* is on tour, which is something he hardly ever does. Except for the animals BECAUSE HE’S AN AWESOME VEGAN. Of course he is! Look at him cuddle that chicken! I can’t wait for him to perform at our wedding when I marry him!

Because I think we should all get to marry him. I think he’ll love that because he’s not an intensely private person, or anything. You can’t escape love, Jeff. Especially when it clubs you on the head and keeps you hostage in an XL dog crate in the basement. 

So, let’s all go see him! Tickets are on pre-sale now but the password is “layover” so SEE YOU THERE.

Finally, no disrespect, but I totally think Jim Carrey could play him in his biopic. Okay, I guess that was a little disrespect.

*who isn’t Azealia Banks. Lick those gums, lady! Really get in there! Also, love when she does the fake stairs thing. Also, don’t watch this if you hate swears because SHE LOVES SWEARS. 

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