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In case your always-politically-angry friend hasn’t talked your ear off about the National Defense Authorization Act yet, here are the details:

From Democracy Now: “A provision in the National Defense Authorization Act would authorize the military to jail anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world without charge or trial. The measure would effectively extend the definition of what’s considered the U.S. military’s battlefield to anywhere in the world, even the United States.” Section 1031 allows the military to arrest American citizens on American soil who are suspected of “supporting terrorism” and detain them without trial until the “end of hostilities,” a.k.a. forever.

Why does it matter to the Vegansaurus community? See how you do on the following test:

Which of the following is NOT a suspected terrorist?
A. A person wearing a bandana
B. A person bludgeoning a baby pig to death
C. A person with more than three months of food stocked up
D. A person videotaping animal cruelty

If you guessed A, C, or D: Go straight to indefinite detention. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

We’re hella screwed if NDAA becomes the law of the land. The FBI already classifies people who go undercover to investigate factory farming cruelty as terrorists. So with the NDAA and Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act combined, it’s easy to foresee animal rights activists being indefinitely imprisoned, without trial, as terrorists.

In a bipartisan effort, Congress passed the NDAA in December, and Obama has already signed it into law. But wait, there’s still a slight hope that we won’t all end up eating borscht in the gulags! Sen. Feinstein has introduced the Due Process Guarantee Act, which would clarify that U.S. citizens or lawful residents cannot be indefinitely detained without trial.

What you can do:

  •  Urge your representatives to support the Due Process Guarantee Act. Tell them that you feel so strongly about this that you will not vote for them again unless they pass this.
  • Tell President Obama that you will not vote for him unless he makes passage of the Due Process Guarantee Act a priority.
  • If you live in Montana, get behind the effort to recall the senators who voted for NDAA.
  • Check the list of representatives who voted for and against the bill. If you have one of the few who voted against (like Rep. Barbara Lee or Sen. Ron Wyden), call to thank them. If you have one of the many (both Democrats and Republicans) who voted for it, call to express your outrage.

Katie Cantrell spends most of her time tutoring, blogging, eating, photographing, reading, activisting. She founded the Coalition to Fight Factory Farming, a Bay Area group that gives presentations on the harmful effects of industrial animal agriculture. In her spare time, she chronicles her gluttony on PDX Pudge.

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