Two more vegan Thanksgiving meat cakes!!  »

You guys, seriously. This was set to be a kinda shitty week and now it’s a kinda AWESOME week because there are two more vegan Thanksgiving meat cakes in the world! I love everyone!

First up, the most excellent Mo of Mo Betta Vegan, made this really glorious creation:

I know I’m in the minority with meat cakes but DAMN, THAT LOOKS GOOD. Mo also has a recipe for putting the insanity together and some of you have been asking for that so here you go!

The third veganization of Thanksgiving meat cake came from Leinana of Vegan Good Things. CARAZAY:

Like Mo, Leinana provides an excellent and hilarious tutorial for putting together the craziness.

If there is a god, these vegan meat cakes will keep coming. They’re a very strong factor in whether or not I can get out of bed and face the day. Honestly, I was just lying in bed and now I am not and that is all thanks to vegan meat cakes.

[photos by Mo and Leinana, respectively]

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