“ Catherine Ferguson Academy, a Detroit high school for teens who are pregnant or have already become mothers, has for years had a working farm adjacent to campus. The school considers gardening and raising animals integral to its curriculum. Under the tutelage of life-sciences teacher Paul Weertz, the young women built a barn one year and provide daily care for rabbits, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and peacocks. The students recently acquired a pig and, says principal Asenath Andrews, they’re going to eat it. „

Urban Animal Husbandry - TIME

What do you suppose those babies are for, indigent pregnant teens? They’re a lot more expensive to raise than, say, rabbits, “the ideal urban farm animal…[because] they can feed almost exclusively on Dumpstered items like lettuce, stale bread,* etc.”

Don’t worry, underage mothers: raising and slaughtering animals will get you back to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time! Just be sure to sufficiently nurse your human infant; milk-fed baby animals have the sweetest flesh.

*Lie: rabbits should not eat bread.

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