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My parents have digital cable. It goes with their digital internet. It gives them access to hundreds of channels, and the DVR can record multiple programs simultaneously, while you watch something different at the same time! Basically, it is amazing.

It still doesn’t make television good, though, and that was the problem with the San Francisco episode of Anthony “Pig” Bourdain’s show No Reservations: it just wasn’t very interesting. At the end of the show, I learned that Bourdain is either under the impression that martinis aren’t vegan, or that vegans don’t drink, the way he kept yelling about how a city known for meat-abstainers could have so many places to get a good drink. While, of course, the largest and most regular meeting of our kind occurs at a martini bar, but it’s probably not fair to expect grandpa Lipitor to learn so much about new and different things. Like I don’t talk to my grandparents about progressive political issues!

Later on there’ll be a better write-up, with violence-inducing transcripts! For now, the highlights. I especially like the part where Bourdain races in his Mister Steve McQueen big penis Bullitt car across the Bay Bridge to teach us about how The Other Side in Oakland Lives, and how we should “remind [ourselves] that maybe not everybody lives like [us], or can afford the best, or has time to grow vegetables in the yard they don’t even have.” There’s nothing I appreciate more than a pedantic lecture about social strata from a non-local. Also really cool was when we learned that Bourdain’s cuisine “line absolute” is monkey brains: he will not eat them. This just after a long close-up of two shiny red kidneys lying on a white cutting board, but before the paper cones of “Iberico ham crystals fried in duck fat,” it makes tons of sense. An absolute line, what kind of hypocritical bullshit is that? Without trying one single piece of vegan food?

So my initial reaction: If you haven’t got anything new or even outrageous to say, just keep your yap shut.

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