Vegan brunch begins Sunday at Donut Farm!   »

Daaaaang, son! The East Bay is KILLING IT with the new vegan brunch options! First Souley Vegan, and now Pepples Donuts! Ow!

The first brunch will take place this Sunday, Nov. 21 at their new storefront, Donut Farm in Oakland. The only details we have are that it’s a single-plate brunch offering from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m, with coffee, espresso, and donuts also available. Because, duh, what’s brunch without coffee and donuts!? Knowing how these folks normally do it up, I bet it’ll be insane and delicious. I’m thinking I’ll hit Souley Vegan first and then make my way to Donut Farm, and then repeat? If I start early, I can get ‘er done.

Donut Farm is in Oakland at 6037 San Pablo Ave. at 61st Street. Brunch is expected to run every Sunday for the foreseeable future but, you know, let’s just pray it works out.

UPDATE: Brunch is now on Saturdays, too!

[photo by jennconspiracy]

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