What a bummer. PCRM is an amazing organization with many smart, compassionate people working for it, but I was beyond bummed to see these ads. I’m loathe to say boo about them because I’ve done contract work for the organization and found the experience fun and rewarding. BUT COME ON. When you put shit like this in the world, shit you will get in return.

Vegan community, we gotta stop the fat shaming. It’s ugly, mean, stupid, counter productive, and it fucking sucks. I’m not a fan of Skinny Bitch, but this is even more blatant and gross because at least Skinny Bitch makes an argument for veganism right there, makes the connection. This is more like YOU’RE FAT AND THAT’S GROSS BYE! Plus, plenty (PLENTY!) of skinny people eat cheese on the regular. It’s just not a compelling argument. I’ve got big ol’ cottage cheese thighs (yum!) and I have since becoming vegan and since before I was vegan and I’m gonna have them until the maggots eat my dead body. Psych! I’m totally having my body donated to science because I’m a MEDICAL MARVEL. Too sexy for burial! That’s what I want my toe-tag to read!

Fat-shaming isn’t gonna get anyone to go vegan; it’s just gonna get people defensive and closed down to your message. It also sets the internet against vegans in general. Maybe you think all publicity is good publicity, but I don’t know how true that is, especially since every time I tell someone I’m vegan, they’re like, “UGH PETA” and then I have to defend myself and PETA for a half-hour. So just knock it off.

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