Omnivore pie-baking contest, let’s get a vegan to win this bitch!  »

So Omnivore Bookstore in Breeder Noe Valley is having a Pie Baking Contest. The details are a little sketchy since they seem to be releasing them only over their twitter but so far we know, it’s on Thursday, September 10th, from 6-7 pm. Any kind of pie - cut into small pieces! Prize money is simply described as: $$$. I’m guessing that’s roughly $3 million? Entrance is free to bakers bringing their pies, and $5 for folks just coming to eat and judge the pies. Door money will go to winner—easy! Let’s get all that delicious “door money” straight into a vegan’s pocket.


I think the main question is whether or not to reveal your pie as vegan before the contest? Your thoughts on this? I think what would be really interesting is for someone who makes both non-vegan and vegan pies, to enter both and see which one gets a better reception. Don’t mention that either of them are vegan. I’m curious. Because I had the cherry-pluot pie from Bike Basket Pies yesterday and let me just say, I won a whole nother kind of pie contest and this one involved me becoming fatter and more awesome.

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