Recipe: Vegan Reese’s Pieces sayWHA?  »

vegan marshmallow love + =

Faturdayians have a way with discovering new, delicious, predominantly unhealthy (read: good for the soul/streed cred) methods of combining already awesome foods to produce new superfoods. Not these superfoods—BORING! Let us put this in an easy-to-understand equation:

Dandies vegan marshmallows + peanut butter = the exact flavor of Reese’s Pieces candy, also known as rainbow explosions.

(minus all that animal cruelty bullshit.)

Seriously. FatBelly about lost it when partaking in his nightly ritual of shoveling spoonfuls of PB into his face, he haphazardly tossed a Dandie into the mix. The results caused temporary apartment mayhem, followed by sugar-infused ecstasy, and of course more makeshift vegan Reese’s love.

What are you waiting for? Get some Dandies and get going.

You’re welcome.

We found this bit of genius on itsfaturday and let me just say, they Speak Truth to (the) Power (of Deliciousness). I don’t know what I’m saying (clearly) but HOT DAMN, that is one tasty treat.

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