Hella cats and dogs need your help in Oakland!  »

There about 80 cats and two dogs in Oakland that desperately need your help, whether by being able to foster, provide placement or donate cash-money.
The OAS seized these animals about two months ago (the person with the animals has been charged with a crime of which I do not know) and until this last week, all the animals have been in legal limbo. They are now available for placement! All of the cats have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested for FIV/FeLV, etc but may need dental work. Some of the the cats are tame, but many are feral or semi-tame (perfect if you live on a farm or have a large backyard).

Susan Hoffman of Bright Haven explains what is needed:

1.)Placements, especially yard or barn homes for ferals and experienced fosters for shy cats.

2.)Transport assistance: I anticipate transports to South Bay and North Bay and possibly up to the Sacramento area.

3.)Donations: I’m expecting a lot of these cats will need dental care and that’s  going to be expensive.

If you are able to help, she asks that you contact her immediately at or her cell 415-359-4113.

On a final note, Susan urges,”I am begging everyone who reads this to forward it along, talk to friends, see if you can find any way to help some of these cats find a place to go. Easily 40 of these cats are sufficiently unsocialized, they will need yard or barn homes or even inside sanctuary”.

Cats are the best! Here is a picture of Indie Bradley, smiling on top of her new comforter. Because, you know, whatever I own is actually hers.

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