Celebrate Vegan Pizza Day with prizes from Fuck Yeah Vegan Pizza!  »

Click on an image above to get to the corresponding FYVP page! I can EMBED links into PICTURES! I’m the man. 

Vegan Pizza Day is coming up! In June! It was supposed to be this week or something, but then it got moved. But! Fuck Yeah Vegan Pizza was already set up to have a giveaway! So dang it, they’re gonna have it anyway! And YOU should enter!: 

Now through Monday afternoon, readers can send in their pics for a chance to win one of three vegan pizza prize packages stuffed with goodies from Tofurky, Daiya, Lightlife, Gardein, Nasoya, Tofutti, Field Roast, Bob’s Red Mill, and Upton’s Naturals (for US & Canadian readers) or a ginormous box of vegan meats and cheeses from Redwood Foods (for mainland UK residents).

Yowza! Fun times! Go enter!

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