HSUS undercover investigation reveals horrifying abuse of pigs at facilities that supply WalMart  »

Big news today from HSUS: They conducted undercover investigations of two pig-breeding facilities in Oklahoma, and discovered—shockingly—some pretty egregious abuse. There’s a video I only made it 29 seconds into because it’s so graphic.

Notably, one of these two facilities, the one owned by Seaboard Foods, supplies WalMart, the country’s biggest grocer. Our old friend Temple Grandin is Seaboard’s “animal welfare advisor,” and has spoken against the use of gestation crates, but “advisor” doesn’t have the same power as “boss.”

HSUS today “filed legal complaints with the U.S. Securities and Exchange and Federal Trade Commission alleging false and misleading statements about animal care” by Seaboard, which is an interesting tactic. Attack the money, because obviously if companies cared even the tiniest bit about the animals (the people, the environment), they wouldn’t allow such abhorrent practices. But everyone cares about money!

Go send an email to Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms asking them to stop using gestation crates and being overall disgusting human beings. Thank goodness for the Humane Society.

[I can’t handle seeing those poor abused pigs so let’s take another moment to appreciate Farm Sanctuary’s Eric]

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