Awesome celebrity news: Ted Danson goes vegan!  »

What’s that? Another distinguished, white-haired older gentleman has gone vegan? Which dashing silverback has made the choice to abstain from animal products in his diet, for the good of the world and his health? Why (as you may have surmised from the accompanying photograph), it’s Ted Danson!

Yes, Ted Danson, he of the delightful, departed Bored to Death, and most recently of CBS’ Cavalcade of Pseudoscience, Vol. 1 (CSI), has turned to a vegan diet to help himself “feel good and look fabulous,” according to Yes! Ted Danson, we’re all vegans around here and we feel good (reallllll good) and look fabulous, too! Welcome to the club!

Or, welcome back? Ecorazzi says that this isn’t the first time this silver fox has spoken of his vegan diet (or lack thereof), but you know, it took a couple tries for veganism to stick with some of us, too, so we’re going to remain open-minded and open-armed about this decision. You’re welcome as long as you like, Ted Danson, as is your ridiculously beautiful wife. It’s awesome over here in vegan-land! Stay forever!

[photo by Sharon Graphics via Flickr]

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