Herbivore adds Soy “Beef” Menu Items! And they’re not gross!  »

Herbivore has added a few soy beef menu items! Woo! It appears they are using Gardein, which was a good decisision. Now, I’ve gone apeshit for the vegan beef stroganoff at Ananda Fuara, and this shit is JUST AS GOOD. Just look at it, it’s beautiful, right? It’s straight delicious and available every day. THANK YOU GOOD LORD. We also got the “Cheese” Steak Sandwich which used Follow Your Heart mozzarella and was also very delicious. It would be nice if they cooked the cheese with the meat more to make it more of a gooey cheesy meaty mess on a bun, but it was still pretty damn delicious, and way better than pretty much anything else on the menu. I might actually crave Herbivore now?? They are truly, how do you say, stepping it up. Mama like.

That is just such a gross expression, I’m truly sorry.

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