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Hey pals, once again my mother did a lovely vegan spread alongside the lame turkey and stuff. The vegan mashed potatoes and vegan stuffing were delish but this was the special center of the vegan Thanksgiving at my house! It’s a roasted-root-veggie cobbler-type thing. We made it once many moons ago from a Martha Stewart recipe but I couldn’t find it anywhere! We found some approximations online but we just sort of did it the way I remembered in the end. Well, a very simple version of it.

You just chop up a bunch of root vegetables (and brussels sprouts because I love them!) like parsnips (I’m so into parsnips now), beets, sweet potatoes and all those good things. Mix them up with salt and olive oil, and then roast them in the oven! Once they are all roasted and you know, tasty, add from a half to a whole cup of vegetable broth, depending on the size of your dish. Then you put the biscuit topping on and bake. Use any biscuit recipe you want; I really really love Bisquick so I just did their basic recipe and added rosemary. Boooom!┬áRoasted root vegetables with rosemary biscuits!

[second picture is of the “vegan” leftovers section in the fridge—how cute is my mom?]

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