The Cute Show visits a guinea pig shelter in the Netherlands! I checked out the site of the “cavy village” and they say you can buy a cavy, but really I think they mean you can adopt one. And then when they say you can adopt one, really they mean you can symbolically “adopt” one of the old cavies by making a donation. The old ones get their own section of the shelter, an old cavies’ home! They call them “retired.” Aw. 

I had a guinea pig when I was little and I feel SO GUILTY about the way I treated her. She spent her life all by herself in what I now know is a gestation cage and I rarely cuddled with her. Poor Speedy! I feel terrible. When I am old and have a farm I’m going to have my own cavy-village dedicated to Speedy! And no cavy will ever be alone ever. 

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