A Pekingese wins Westminster, others still homeless  »

This is Malachy, the pekingese that won Best in Show at the 2012 Westminster Dog Show. Anytime a breed wins Westminster, there is a surge in popularity. This can lead to a surge in puppymills producing that breed. This sucks. 

What many people forget is that 25 percent of dogs in shelters are purebred. Do you know someone who just HAS to have a pekingese now? Tell them they can adopt one! Look for breed-specific rescues, or just check Petfinder and search for pekes! You’ll find great dogs, like Cody here:

Cody is the hotness. 

I don’t think we need to tell someone not to focus on what breed of dog to get. Instead, tell them that whatever breed they are looking for, they can find up for adoption! I mean all dogs are different, but if they have their heart set on a particular breed, just focus on adoption. It’s great if someone wants to rescue the millions of pitbulls that need homes, but if the breed is the deal-breaker, I’d rather they rescue a homeless peke than buy one!

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