Thursday Giveaway, Sluts: Matt and Nat Bag! It’s CLOSED, SLUTS! Marisa is the winner! Great name, hot chick, win win win! STAY TUNED FOR MORE CONTESTS & SHIZ!  »

It’s a back-to-school giveaway, bitches! This brand-new, large-and-in-charge (it’s 14” by 14” with a 6.5” shoulder strap!), fancy-ass Matt and Nat “Big Drop” Bag is perfect for lugging books to class, or putting all your shit in for overnights (slut!). This bag is marketed toward women, but we’re not about boxes here at Vegansaurus so go on, girl. Er, “girl.” This bitch retails for like $175 so even if you hate it, you can sell it on eBay. Depression 2.0, people. Let’s GET RICH OR DIE TRYING.

From the official Matt and Nat description (so it’s all sales-y):
Contrast stitching, brushed metal accents and a boxy shape give the Big Drop from Matt and Nat its distinctive style. Great for work or weekend shopping trips, this roomy bag is made of all-vegan materials and features a durable man-made body, dual front exterior pockets, and a convenient zipper closure.

TO WIN, type your name in the comments. We’ll pick a winner randomly soon…it’ll probably be the name I like the best or the person I find most sexually attractive. Or we’ll use Whatevs. So leave a comment now or never know the glory of a stylish vegan bag and be doomed to wander the aisles of Payless alone for the rest of your days, knowing that you have aligned yourself with Star Jones, which is totally fucked. Does that sentence even work? Not sure, don’t care. Good luck!

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