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Laura really wanted me to make a pit bull puppy photo gallery and I only want to make Laura happy! Plus, I have a new theory that looking at cute baby animal pictures raises your oxytocin levels and that that will boost your mood. I call it “Squee Therapy.” So, here’s the babies!:

1. Chuckles


2. “but…but… I didn’t mean to”


3. “Look, mom! I’m swimmin’ by myself!”


4. Sweepy


5. “but whyyyy?”


6. Glamour shot


7. “what am I forgetting?”


8. I don’t know what to write for this one—ideas? Hipstamatic pup?


9. Pocket pup!

From Rswatski

10. I call this, “cutest shit ever.”

From Themacinator

Yay pit bull puppies! If you want to adopt a pit bull, basically go to any shelter in the United States. And of course Petfinder works too! 

For more cute adoptable pups and a lot of info on the many wonders of the pit bull, go to Check out their How to Help page for things you can do for this put-upon breed.

PS: I’m reminded by a reader to add that while puppies are the cutest greatest, they are a hassle! JK, that’s not what she said (but it’s true); but seriously, folks, puppies are great but there are plenty of pit bull pups in shelters already so please spay and neuter your dogs! No more homeless pups!

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