We are not alone: vegans are now 2.5 percent of the population!  »

Sometimes I feel so lonely in my veganism that I ruin a perfectly good pot of cooking quinoa by crying into it and end up eating a bottle of wine four bites of an old gross salad for dinner instead. But no more! Apparently, 2.5 percent of adults in the United States are vegan!* Megan said the last number she heard was 0.5 percent [Ed. note: and Megan is always right! -Megan], so this is huge, folks.

But every rose has its thorn: 48 percent of humans eat meat at every meal, according to this poll. Every. Fucking. Meal. With the success bacon has enjoyed, that statistic, sadly, does not surprise me. People, quit putting strips of grease-fried fat on your otherwise diabetic coma-inducing meals. Make this instead, maybe.

*note: for the 2011 survey, they didn’t ask whether or not the people that identify as vegan eat honey

[Amazing looking vegan feast by Emilie Hardman via Flickr]

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