Call for vegans: Cupcake Camp 2009!  »

Cupcake Camp is back again! It’s scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 4 from 2 to 5 p.m. at Automattic [sic] at Pier 38.* Your Vegansaurus entered two flavors in last year’s event, and we felt it went very successfully. HOWEVER: maybe 10 to 15 percent of last year’s cupcakes were vegan, and you know we cannot let that stand. It was like every sad dessert party you’ve ever been dragged to, everyone gorging themselves on delicious-looking cupcake-lollipops and ice-cream-filled cupcakes, and your Vegansaurus staring sadly at the schedule, hoping that the next round of entries would include a vegan batch. Consolation: there was plenty of Silk for thirsty non-dairy-milk drinkers.

This year, no more! Register here by Sunday, Sept. 27 to ensure a spot among the bakers/bringers of cupcakes. The two teeny tiny requirements are that you decide at registration how many cupcakes you’ll bring (at least one dozen), and what flavor(s) those cupcakes will be. We’re not worried about you though, you’re creative.

Cupcake Camp is sponsored in part by friend of Vegansaurus Sugar Beat Sweets, meaning even if you don’t enter—which you should!—you know you’ll get some fantastic vegan treats if you stop by, so mark your dang calendars already. Vegans represent! If you don’t bake for the animals, WHO WILL?

*Cupcake Camp notes that Pier 38 is in fact next to AT&T Park, at Embarcadero and Brannan; and a Google maps search will lead you astray, so do not do it.

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