Vegan Hacker on Tuesday night! Bake some vegan Twinkies!   »

Is anyone signed up for this event? It looks like fun, but I cannot go, as I am the self proclaimed Twinkie Queen of San Francisco—it simply would not be fair to the other hackers!

If you’ve never heard of Vegan Hacker, let me give you the lowdown: You reconfigure non-vegan recipes to make them vegan. Got it? And Tuesday night is all about vegan twinkies! This is the recipe you’ll be using, and the ingredients will be provided. However, you can bring whatever you want to spruce it up. Creativity is encouraged. LEMON twinkies with raspberry filling? Chocolate twinkies with mint filling? Pina Colada! Raspberry Mocha! Banana chocolate! The possibilities are endless.

If you need any help or baking tips, let me know in the comments! I do this five days a week at Source. Vegan twinkies are my livelihood!

Vegan Hacker: Twinkie Times is on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 6 p.m. at Noisebridge (2169 Mission St.). It’s FREE! Email to RSVP or ask questions.

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