Bid on Dinner with Zoë Stagg at Brassica Supperclub! DO IT.  »

So the lovely Zoë Stagg (seen on the pages of Vegansaurus before and will soon have a regularly featured column here WATCH OUT WORLD!) is offering herself up to the highest bidder (NOT LIKE THAT PERVS! Okay, maybe like that. Are you attractive? BE HONEST.). We think a Vegansaurus reader should get on this. Awesome vegan lady, awesome cause, awesome dinner. Win win win win win.

Zoë writes:

Okay, if Sarah Palin can auction off a private dinner with herself to benefit Ride 2 Recovery (starting bid $25,000…) perhaps I could do the same? You know, scaled to my… let’s just say, scaled as differently we are.

HOW’S ABOUT IT?!? Have dinner with me at Brassica Supperclub to benefit Honor Flight, the fantastic charity that provides free trips to WWII (and other) veterans so they can see the memorial dedicated to their efforts. Let’s say we’ll start the bidding at $25. I’m at least worth a thousandth of a Palin, right?

After all, as the poet laureate John Michael Montgomery says,

I’d give anything to make you mine, all mine…

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